Singing ’till my dreams come true

Sparkled the night thinking of you,
My fervent heart is crazed.
I’m awaken ’till I see your long brown eyes, my babe.
Our sensations gather to relish the sweetness of our captivating love,
That love is a feather-bed giving warmth to our hearts.

I want you to take your time up for me & play like we’re kids
And I wanna walk through the lake round, run into the waves of the sea holding our hands.

Your treatments for me are more than I deserve,
The tenderness makes me feel like I’m a princess.


I’m having a beautiful dream………
A beautiful dream……
You’re grasping my hand with so much care & kindness
And it’s a scenic evening.
Dreaming & dreaming encircling you & me.
You’re mine and I’m yours,
We revel in the adoring intimacy in this sugary phase.
Come, make my fantasies come true,
My love!


Beautiful people with beautiful minds still exist!

Hey my lovely souls, (that’s how the beautiful and the cool entertainer and the blogger talks to her readers)

I just read Layan’s freshly released post  ( This girl has a great power to motivate people, bring out their power to keep them alive and powerful. She has mentioned in this post about haters, bullying, anxiety and anger.

“A couple of hours ago, if you met with me, you would have seen me crying my eyes out. I found myself in this raging mentality where punching a wall seemed logical. I was screaming at my loved boyfriend hoping to be understood.” Layan says.

When it comes to myself, a couple of days ago, a couple of hours ago, even now, I was crying deep inside, feeling throbbing, terrible, disappointed, so much more. At the same time I feel lucky and blessed to have a great mental power, have good friends around me, have a passionate career, etc.….

In her case Layan had her loving boyfriend to scream at and get his attention and be loved by him. In my case, for good or bad I just lost my loved boyfriend whom I was screaming at all the time whenever I’m depressed or anxious or sad 😦 however after reading her post I got an inspiration to write something special that also can diminish my pain and become serene. And I hope I would be able to get people’s eye on my post and spread something effectual just like Layan 🙂

After 2 days…

I kept aside this for a while, because I was awaiting for Layan’s reply to my message asking for her permission to write this, since I’ve stated her name few times here. And she said it’s totally okay. She’s such a sweetheart.

Getting to the track, I’m writing once again after two days and I’m almost recovered. Look how strange can be a person’s mind. Our emotions are changing constantly. Once we are happy, and in the very next moment you can start crying all over or being moody for whatever the reason. Here’s a good quote for that.

“If you surrender completely to the moment as they pass, you live more richly those moments.” ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh

We should accept whatever the feeling we get and try to deal with it. Yes I’m not someone who could do that. But I’m so trying…

Weeks before, I have been working according to a very busy schedule and I never ever used to do so. It was kind of challenging for me, as well as overwhelmed, stress, strain, tension, worry, nerves…. Changes of the place made me freaking out. I never thought starting a new job is this much stressful.

The other co-incidents while feeling excessive stress, loosing someone who was really really close to me, separating from a person I love a lot and so much more… I was disinclined to turn over and accept that I was predestined to feel bad because of life events.

And I can’t believe that I got mad at someone for a long period. Because I barely feel angry towards another. Even though I’m angry I won’t ignore that person. But this time some provoke me to do so and I could do that. I really don’t know how far is that right. I always believed that a weak cannot forgive and if someone is able to forgive, it’s the attribute of the strong. If you got hurt by people, it doesn’t mean that they intended to hurt you or they are bad. It happens… you only have to be aware of the gray zone where people are HUMAN!

It’s easy to see others faults and get angry with them, but facing your own is the hardest. I found myself acting thoughtless and uncontrolled that time. So yeah, people make mistakes, but scrutinizing them or scrutinizing your own mistakes is not the thing to do. Because making mistakes and learning from those mistakes is simply part of growing up.

I used to be too paranoid, but I don’t have to be so… not anymore… reading into things so much, analyzing them or dwelling in the past makes you continually fearing, genuine regret might arise, you will feel bad about yourself. So smile, breathe, and go slowly.

I’m working on my next post at the moment. Will get back to you soon :*

Take Care…. Love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No matter how well off you are, it’s a stressful time in everybody’s lives

I just found out that how stressful a life can get. I was depressed when I was at home doing nothing.. Now it’s the other way round.. I’m depressed though I’m busy and working throughout the whole day.. It’s worth leaving everything behind and go back to the life you had before rather than doing something you really don’t like. But still I’m lucky not to leave everything behind, only some… moving for freelancing. That also sounds “GREAT”.

I missed blogging since I was injured, messing up with the new life while bringing the past into the new life. Like always another worst come back from me. Nevermind. Whatever happened, it’s worth trying. Because I learnt a lot within this short period.

I will get back to you with lots of high-flying stuff like a real blogger… very soon…

Take care.. muwah :*

There are some things you can’t change and change is constant. There are some situations where apologies hold no bearings, twists of fate bring people together or tear them apart. You have no idea where would you be five years from now, you do not know what the future holds for you. Someday everything will make perfect sense. You must be strong enough to accept whatever challenges are there ahead of you. Don’t beat yourself up. So for now, laugh at the confusion, smile through the tears and keep reminding yourself that everything happens for a reason.

~ Combination of few quotes 🙂


Well,,, by now I’ve gotten plenty of fans to my blog who are my Facebook friends…  and pretty good amount of site views. Thank you all very much. Many virtual kisses to your way  :**  I hope I will be able to get an audience globally.

Well talking about being a writer…………………………………………………

“Within the creative fields everybody as the capacity to be a writer” this is something that I mentioned in my first article. It was written for my pre-interview.

I had no desire to be a writer. I’m only having a terse minimalist style of writing which means writing clearly and simply. Yes I follow the American journalist, Ernest Hemingway. Because once he said “I write one page of masterpiece to ninety-one pages of shit,”.  So am I.

Being a writer wasn’t my peculiar ambition. I keep journals, I communicate with my journal. I know someone over there reading this and thinking that “I do the same”. Then trust me “YOU ARE A WRITER”!!! love the way that sounds  🙂

Since I had this innocent feeling that I have an arder in writing, once I asked one of these talented directors in SriLanka about writing screenplays, he responded me very kindly. I am awed my gratitude to him. It was a gentle push to embark on my writing.

What makes me a blogger

Ash, who was the interviewer that time.. Now my Manager… asked whether I have a blog as they do link building and all. Eww I hate link building  😛   Then only i got an idea to create my own blog and here I blog…….. 😀

From now on I’m going to make the usefulness of this blog a bit more prominent and efficient as one of my friends asked me to do so 🙂  For that I need your support to make my blog salient. 🙂

Sweet Kisses with Delicious Hugs 😀 xoxo


“No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow.”  ~ Lin Yutang


🙂  Kinda sleepy…  but wanted to write something before going to bed 🙂  how are you guys doing?? I really don’t know whether anyone reads my posts but giving a try….  🙂  As WordPress has said that it’s totally normal feeling lonely for new bloggers to get visitors and comments….  🙂

Well I was missing home so badly.. I admit that everyone else was right… I realized the value of my own bed and the comfort of my pillow …  always been desperate to stay away from home,,, but it’s not that easy like we think…

Returned home after two weeks.. It was a very tiring time working and interacting with non-familiar people. Although I love my job  🙂  … Because all I’m doing there is writing.. Like I always used to do whenever I was bored and feeling lonely. For the record.. If I have spent 22 years from now I’ve been bored 18years of time out of those 22years lol… that means most of the time what I’ve been doing is writing.

Huh!! I’m really so tired.. I worked whole two weeks and I had to travel 3 hours to get home today……. Almost on bed, going to sleep cuddling my pillow 🙂  it will be a lovely night for me and for you.

Until next time, take care always :*

Kisses with a warm hug xoxo

(What makes me a writer is to be continued………..)

I am alive doing my favourite thing….

Huh!!! Does anyone check my posts??? Did u at least try reading them 😦 my bad,,, but trust me,, I’m kinda good at writing lol I’m now officially a writer.. Im working as a SEO copywriter in a UK based company 😀 and I’m writing articles for websites throughout the whole day!!! And I love what Im doing… It can’t get any better than this :))))

Good Night!! Take Care xoxo

What Makes me a Writer???? part 1

Well, I’m not that professional level writer who has a great knowledge of literary. But I’m my own story teller, someone who is having flowery imaginations, finds the beauty in everything.. to describe a little more deeper I AM A DAYDREAMER!

So did you ever think that a daydreamer can be a writer? NO. Neither am I.

but that’s what has happened :O yaaa… 😀 this is quite a coincidence.. okay here i start yapping my story. I hope you wouldn’t mind 😛

MMM.. YES I am just another ordinary girl… from an island where traditions and customs wrap you right after you born. being a girl in a family like mine, so into traditional stuff, is way harder than you ever think of. But don’t worry I’m the Stubborn one, sneaky kid, having notorious friends… so i didn’t have to be the good boring girl 😛

to be continued…….

toodles 🙂 hugs n kisses :*